We work every day to stimulate your senses.
We rigourously select plants, flowers, roots and fruits to extract superior quality flavors and essential oils. Our laboratory combines the perfection of technology with the creativity of our herbalists, to produce authentic, unalterable fragrances which have been optimised for all kinds of uses.

Our suppliers,
a big family

The raw materials we use are sourced from Asia, America and different parts of Europe, cultivated by carefully selected, certified suppliers.

But we demand more. We work in partnership with agricultural businesses to share deep-rooted values which are intrinsically linked to our family: transparency, respect for people and the environment.

From nature
to the lab

The raw materials continue their production process in our in-house laboratory which is equipped with sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology. Following a careful quality inspection including checking the purity and the absence of pollutants, our master herbalists develop fragrances and perfumes which feature unaltered organolectic qualities.
As well as the processing of natural raw materials, our herbalists’ expertise also allows us to create and recreate fragrances which exist in nature from synthetic molecules.

Design thinking

Just one bite can take us back to our childhood remembering the unmistakable taste of grandma’s apple pie. How many flavors are linked to our childhood memories? How much happiness can a bite of our favourite dessert evoke? Scents and flavors permeate our daily life, stimulating emotional reactions and awakening our senses.
Taste, smell, memory and well-being are all profoundly linked and our daily commitment is to find fragrances which are capable of arousing all of this and more.

The search for a fragrance starts life in a laboratory, where plant extracts, roots and seeds are selected, tested, distilled and transformed into new elements.
The passion and experience of our master herbalists, together with technological innovations, guarantee the creation of products which are in tune with contemporary tastes and food culture.


Nature first and foremost. We carefully follow our suppliers’ cultivation processes to guarantee that as well as ensuring rigorous certification, production is carried out with maximum respect to the environment and its biodiversity.


  • Food Safety System FSSC 22000 V5 certified company
  • Food safety system ISO22000 certified company
  • UE Organic certification
  • OGM Free products
  • Kosher certification
  • Halal certification
  • Members of IFEAT
  • Members of FEDERCHIMICA

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