We have been enriching the world with scents and flavors since 1947.
We produce and sell fragrances, essential oils, natural extracts and flavoring for the food and personal care product industries.

Tradition and research have been guiding us for over 70 years in a tireless process of discovery and innovation.

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Our past

Sacmar was founded in 1947 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Ernesto Sacerdote. The business began as a simple activity which sold invaluable Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) oil which was distilled in Piedmont and then sold in Lombardy. In a short time, the business grew and Sacmar evolved into a transformation and processing company.

In the following decades, Sacmar forged partnerships with the growers thus occupying themselves directly with the second distillation – also known as rectification. The company then increased its catalogue of products to become one of Italy’s leading companies, opening its new production plant in Settimo Milanese in the 1990’s which has recently been enlarged and renovated.

The present

Today our company has reached the third generation, establishing itself in the international market for the production of Menta Piemonte (Piedmont Mint). We have around 25 staff working in our plant, located in our administrative offices, the laboratory and the warehouse. We distribute our products to all five continents.
Thanks to recent investments, we now have access to advanced technology meaning we can also guarantee personalised products, fast turnaround times and can produce flexible quantities from small to large scale.

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